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Undergraduate Academics

New discoveries. New connections. New opportunities. 

Concordia College offers a range of career-focused undergraduate programs built around a liberal arts core. No matter what your area of interest or potential career path, our passionate professors prepare you to communicate effectively, analyze and apply knowledge, and employ ethical decision making.


The Biology Program provides a flexible program of academic work in the natural sciences. As a student completes his or her study of biology and other sciences (recommended support courses include organic chemistry, physics, and calculus), the student will develop skills to interpret scientific data, to make use of inductive scientific methods and to integrate understandings with those arrived at from other disciplines. The student’s program is determined by his or her strengths and interests in the areas of biological theory and research, health-related science and medicine, environmental issues, and teaching science.

Concordia’s Business Administration program offers the most important component of business education - reality. Concordia students learn to translate theories and knowledge from their classes into informed decision-making. Before entering the business world, they are involved in courses that address both the people and practical sides of business.

Choose your own path to the classroom: a traditional Education, a graduate teaching degree, or a degree for those called to Christian-based teaching. All of Concordia’s Teacher Education programs are fully accredited. Graduates of the traditional track also qualify for an initial New York State Classroom Teaching Certificate and are ready to begin their teaching careers in public, private, or parochial schools. Choose to focus on Early Childhood (birth–grade 2), Childhood (grades 1–6) or Middle Childhood Generalist (grades 5-9). 

Education is an exciting field where you can make an impact on the lives of children every day. Qualified teachers are in demand and highly valued. Our Five Year program prepares you to be a highly effective teacher in both general and special education programs across numerous settings including public schools, communities, private schools, and faith-based institutions. In today’s competitive job market, having your Master’s degree and a Special Education background will help set you apart from other applicants.

Concordia's Criminal Justice major prepares students to pursue graduate school opportunities and/or enter careers in a broad spectrum including criminal justice administration, forensic investigation, counseling, corrections, juvenile justice and public welfare. 

The Health Studies Program is designed for students who are interested in exploring health-related fields. The curriculum prepares students for administrative health care positions in hospitals, health departments, health agencies, and the general health care industry. 

Many students today have varied interests, talents, and gifts and are often hard-pressed to narrow their college experience into one major. The Interdisciplinary Studies major is a unique program which provides students freedom, flexibility, and creativity to design their own major by combining  two or three academic Concentrations into one cohesive major.  The Signature Concentration is a self-designed collection of classes that students and their advisors choose together to create a unique and personalized education. Courses can be chosen from across the College Catalog, or from specific areas outside the Arts and Sciences.

Concordia’s BA in Mathematics prepares students to pursue graduate school opportunities and/or enter careers in diverse fields including data analytics, data science, statistics, actuarial science and quantitative analysis.

Students in this major develop key logical thinking skills through proof and deduction while gaining a strong mathematics foundation. At Concordia, students will obtain a broad range of knowledge about applied mathematics, abstract algebra and mathematical modeling.

Concordia students also have the opportunity to compete in the Mathematical Modeling Contest (MCM). Our student teams  have historically performed at or above the level of their Ivy League peers in this annual competition.

The nursing undergraduate major will prepare you for an exciting career as a professional nurse. The curriculum is fully integrated with the arts and sciences and will provide you with all of the tools you will need to practice in the fast-paced and ever-changing health care system. You will experience health care at the cutting edge as you learn nursing skills in our laboratory and develop hands-on practice in hospitals, nursing homes, mental health and visiting nurse facilities in the Westchester County and New York metropolitan areas. Classes are small, the faculty, nationally-known, and nursing education is delivered with all the personal touches for which Concordia College is known.

Concordia College has a long history of preparing individuals for careers in service. The Accelerated Nursing program, designed for individuals who hold a Bachelor’s degree in a discipline other than nursing, provides the opportunity to obtain a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in nursing in only 15 months.  We offer a sound educational foundation for practice, clinically competent, internationally known, award winning faculty with excellent teaching and mentoring skills, state-of-the art facilities, and a values-oriented environment.  

Psychologists seek to better understand, predict, and change the behavior of humans and animals through the scientific method. A psychology degree is valuable in a wide variety of fields, since virtually all careers involve understanding behavior.

Concordia offers one of the only Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technologies degrees in the region. A four-year, accredited degree with clinical experience is highly valued in this rapidly growing industry. The need for next-generation managers, professors, sales experts, publishers, professional organization leaders and industry advocates is acute.  With a BS, radiologic technologies professionals will be prepared to fill the gap as today's industry leaders approach retirement.

If you are the graduate of a 2-year Radiologic Technologies program, you can complete your BS in Radiologic Technologies at Concordia. A 4-year accredited degree is highly valued in this rapidly growing industry, preparing you for leadership and managerial roles. Designed for working professionals, the degree can be completed on nights and weekends. 


Concordia's Social Sciences major aims to develop a student’s capacity to explore, explain, and interpret the human experience. Through the disciplines of psychology and sociology, the student will come to better understand and appreciate individuals, society, and the social forces that impact people. 

The Social Work program at Concordia College is dedicated to educating students for competent and effective generalist social work practice. The program creates a learning environment that offers faith- based, value-oriented learning to promote social justice, self-assessment, service to the community, self-determination, and respect for diversity.

Concordia's Theology major offers a comprehensive liberal arts education for those with a special interest in historical and contemporary Christianity, theology and ethics. Biblical and modern languages, history, sociology, topics in Christianity and the world religions join a range of business classes to prepare students for success in church work and leadership roles and/or further theological study.



Every class at Concordia is taught by a professor. No TAs here, just high-quality instruction by high-quality instructors.


A 12:1 faculty-student ratio fosters a relationship where our faculty will not only know your name, but your hopes and dreams for your future.


That's our average class size. Engineered for discussion, our optimal nurturing learning environment will challenge and inspire you.



Concordia College has programs that offer guaranteed acceptance (upon meeting grade point and course completion requirements) with top Engineering and Osteopathic Medical schools:




New Media Lab with Students

Many students today have varied interests, talents, and gifts and are often hard-pressed to narrow their college experience into one major. The Interdisciplinary Studies major is a unique program which provides students freedom, flexibility, and creativity to design their own major by combining two or three academic Concentrations into one cohesive major.  Looking for a New Media & Digital Production concentration you can pair with Music? Build your unique program here.


Accelerated Degrees

If you’re a working adult, you can earn your undergraduate degree rapidly and affordably. In one night a week over just a few weeks, you can complete a course while balancing the rest of your busy schedule. Financial aid, our loaned books program, and small classes all help to accommodate the unique challenges you face as an adult making big changes in your life.



The academic assets of any college are only as strong as its faculty members. We stack our professors’ training and classroom skills against any college, but at Concordia it’s about more than just credentials. Regardless of the subject, our faculty members impart the critical thinking discipline, but also embrace the privilege of playing important roles in our students’ lives, and doing so in a faith-based environment.



Concordia College is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. The Commission on Higher Education is an institutional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education and the Commission on Recognition of Postsecondary Accreditation.


Study Abroad

Studying abroad offers life-changing experiences that can uncover a world of knowledge. Programs vary in length and location, but all give you the opportunity to gain a global perspective within a learning context. Assignments can apply toward credit and/or career preparation. We encourage all Concordia students to extend their education with an overseas experience that carries impacts far beyond your transcript.

Student Resources

Concordia College is committed to your success, and we're small enough to deliver on that commitment. The free support you’ll receive spans student advising teams for first-year students, to a Career Exploration Center that helps steer you to your future. Writing, tutoring, mentoring and more – we surround you with the dedicated resources and professionals to guarantee you get all the help you need to succeed at Concordia and beyond.