Concordia Connection Program

Making connections—with people and ideas—is essential to the learning process. At Concordia we have always appreciated how connections are made as it varies from individual to individual.

Concordia Connection is a program for high school graduates with a diagnosed learning disability, who have demonstrated the potential to earn a college degree.  Our commitment is to provide an intimate, supportive, and caring environment where students with particular learning needs can experience college as a successful and rewarding endeavor.

Enrollment in the Connection program is limited to 18 new students per year, allowing students and faculty to become acquainted with the people and support programs of the college.

Directed by a licensed school psychologist, Concordia Connection assists students in developing individualized learning strategies.  The goal is to help students become confident, self-reliant learners, able to advocate for themselves while in college and later in their careers.

Program Overview
Concordia Connection is a mainstream program.  Students who are admitted to the program are fully integrated into all of Concordia’s courses, programs, degree requirements, co-curricular activities, and athletic activities.

Each semester, students are registered for four or five courses depending on what is appropriate for them.  Additionally, students are registered for a one-credit independent study which incorporates the following:

  • Weekly, one-hour group sessions, with the program director and staff, that focus on the development of individualized learning strategies
  • A minimum of two additional study sessions per week, with Connection staff, to address current course requirements

Progress is routinely monitored through contact with individual professors and staff. Assessment of learning potential and academic levels is provided by the program director.  The program’s assistant director also serves as the student’s freshman advisor and coordinates an array of support services—textbooks on tape, tutoring for specific courses, computer access, and test-taking modifications.

In addition, individual counseling sessions with the program director are available if needed to address issues with regard to adjustment to college and academic life.


Concordia Connection Admission Criteria and Procedures
To be considered for Concordia Connection, the student must be:

  1. A High School Graduate
  2. Eligible for Admission to Concordia
  3. Diagnosed with a Learning Disability or Attention Deficit Disorder
  4. Acceptable Test Scores

Students must meet all the requirements above as well as submit the following:

  1. Certified diagnosis of learning disability, which minimally includes a WAIS-R (Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale) profile with subtest scores taken within the past year, and the most recent IEP
  2. Recommendation from a learning specialist who has worked closely with the applicant
  3. Guidance counselor’s recommendation
  4. Interview to be done in person, or if that is not possible, by telephone


The Concordia Connection program is $6,600 in addition to the regular Concordia tuition and applicable room and board fees.

Students in the program may be eligible for financial aid. Information and applications for financial aid are available from the Office of Financial Aid.